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A Letter from the President

By John Thompson, President, Dearborn Goodfellows

Thank you on behalf of the Dearborn Goodfellows for your purchase of the 2016 Special Christmas Edition of the Time-Herald.

Your donation helps provide a variety of items for those less fortunate not only during the Christmas Season, but throughout the year. The gift packages that children receive include necessary items such as tooth brushes, tooth paste, under garments and warm clothing essentials as well as age appropriate toys. Many of these items we take for granted, but to the children we support at Christmas these items can make a difference in the way they face each day. Most importantly, they receive and cherish the greatest gift of all; the gift of your kindness and generosity. When reflecting on our actions we often wonder who receives the greater benefit – the children who receive from the Goodfellows or the volunteers who support the Goodfellow cause.

Throughout today’s paper you will see images of Goodfellows working in support of our goal to ensure, “No Child without a Christmas.” A simple motto with one meaning, yet each will tell you that they get involved for a variety of reasons. Some do it because they were Goodfellow recipients in their youth, or because they knew someone who received gifts from the Goodfellows. Regardless of the motivation, all of us understand the importance of providing for children in need of assistance.

As you prepare for the Christmas season, please remember the children who wake up to find a gift made possible through your support. On behalf of the Goodfellows who sell tickets for the Smoke on the Grill, who stand in the cold selling newspapers, who package and prepare holiday gifts for the children, who venture into the cold on a Saturday morning to deliver the gifts, we say Thank You. More importantly, on behalf of the children who benefit from your kindness and generosity, we say Thank You for your support, ensuring “No Child without a Christmas.”