Dearborn Homecoming!


Sticking to tradition, Dearborn Goodfellows will have a beer booth this year!


We are the only beer booth selling craft beer at Homecoming!  While others are sipping on an average beer with average bartenders, you could be sipping on superior beer with superiorly entertaining bartenders (at least we think so)! While average is perfectly acceptable before and after the first weekend in August, an experience at Dearborn’s Homecoming should be anything but average! Come support the children of Dearborn with some great tasting beer to quench your thirst.  All tips and proceeds go towards the children. Who said you cannot have fun whilst supporting the youth?

You can find our booth next to the Polish tent at the end of Monroe St. inside the festival.

What we are selling:

Live Wire IPA

Magic Hat 9

Shock Top Shandy

Labatt Blue

Bud Light

Seagram’s Wine Coolers (select)


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